I offer 3 different coaching settings


When we work together I focus on giving you the attention you so much deserve and support you in finding and choosing the path that fills you with inner peace and deepest satisfaction. I help you transform emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain and connect with your divine energy and the source of your creativity to help you develop what you wish to establish in your life. 

It is making a learning process a love process as I follow each note in your songs and respond to them whilst you feel my hand on your back.  

I offer Coachings in both English and German language.

PERSONAl CHanneling + LIFE Coaching

This coaching following your Personal Channeling - where I have been channeling your life questions for you - will give you further clarity on the realization of what you want to establish in your life. What I do is to help you open up to the "how I can do it", "where I can do it", "if I can do it" and help yourself do the healing aspects so that you can create exactly what you want to develop in your life now. 


I accompany gifted and high-ability children and their families with my warm and loving hands, helping β€œgifted learners” successfully master their social and emotional challenges.

If you are looking to support your gifted child reach their Full Potential and live a Self-Empowered and Meaningful Life I can provide your child with the tools they need to grow into strong, self-aware, confident, powerful personalities who trust life and achieve their goals.