Spiritual Life Coaching

I offer Coachings in both English and German language.

Our conversations are confidential.

Discovering the Treasures in You

When we work together I focus on giving you the attention you so much deserve and support you in finding and choosing the path that fills you with inner peace and deepest satisfaction. I help you connect with your divine energy and the source of your creativity to help you develop what you wish to establish in your life. 

I am in constant contact with my Higher-Self and completely operate from this connection, as much as from my strong connection with the Angelic and Spiritual Realms. Therefore, what I say in my coachings does not come from the space of a limited egoic perception and has nothing to do with any personal opinion, but reflects a higher level of consciousness bringing forward guidance and insights regarding your next steps and destination. 

We talk about difficult or challenging situations you are currently facing, exploring your feelings, discovering a new way to look at things, getting some support, and developing some strategies for dealing with those situations. We also explore questions like “What really matters to you in life? What do you want to achieve? How can you feel satisfied with your life? How can you change some of your old patterns of thinking, doing, and feeling?”

It is making a learning process a love process as I follow each note in your songs and respond to them while you feel my hand on your back.  

How I work

In my work with clients, I draw on nine main sources of expertise, theory, and experience: Transactional Analysis (TA), Shadow Work, Method of Self-Contact, Energetic Therapeutic Work, Mediumship, Cosmic Energy Healing, Healing Power of Music, Meditation Practise, and my own Life Experience. I am not rigid in any approach. I use what I think might be useful for you, and then ask for feedback, to see what is helpful for you.

I take my work very seriously and at the same time I love inviting a pinch of humour into any challenging process bringing that bit of ease which allows you to relax and develop: it is to laugh and at the same time be deeply touched whilst transforming emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

This is the Space for You

I am glad to be present with you in any life situation and create a safe space for you. I hold the space and am strong and solid and stable with you whilst we follow the path of self-inquiry and consciousness investigating the inner and outer experiences of life.

If you decide to work with me, it requires some work on your part: curiosity, honesty and openness for being guided inward, through the uncomfortable truths and shadows, in order to get beyond your suffering and towards truth, authenticity, freedom, and joy. 

Making an appointment

I work online so once we have fixed the time for your appointment you will receive an email with a Zoom link to your meeting. 

Our first meeting


During our first meeting, I want to get to know you a little bit, give you a chance to get to know me, and find out what you are looking for.  After this first meeting, we both reflect on our conversation, and see if it makes sense to work together.  



I want to keep healing accessible and affordable for people and therefore have a sliding fee scale, from 30€ to 90€, per 50 mins.

Each client decides what is fair for them, between 30€ and 90€, based on their financial situation. For example, a student, someone who is not working, or a single parent, might pay 30€ to 50€. Someone who is working full time, takes vacations, goes to restaurants, and has a car, pays 70€ to 90€.

Usually, the first meeting (30 mins.) is free, because we haven’t yet agreed to work together. But sometimes, clients find that the first meeting is valuable and want to pay me. It is your choice if you pay for our initial meeting or not.

Contact me

Please book your appointment by clicking the button below.

In any other case, you can email me at

info@cr-coaching.com, or send me a message using the Telegram App (+49 179 3592832).


What they say

Christine Rauh Channel Medium Coaching Seelen Reading Heilenergie Spirituell

Wenn ich an Christine denke, so kommt mir zuerst ihr herzliches überbordendes Lachen in den Sinn, dann ihre funkelnden Strahleaugen und ihre Leichtigkeit, die im Kontakt mit ihr zu mir überschwappt.
Die Offenheit, mit der sie mir begegnet, öffnet mich und gibt mir das Gefühl, dass alles möglich ist, für mich in dieser Welt.
In der Arbeit mit Christine tun sich stets neue Blickwinkel auf mein Leben auf und am Ende eines Coachings habe ich oft das Gefühl von innerer Klarheit, ob es nun um Themen wie Beruf, Familie, Partnerschaft oder persönliches Wachstum geht.
Bei ihrem Tun schöpft sie offensichtlich aus eigenen vielfältigen Erfahrungen, teilt ihre breitgefächerten Erkenntnisse aus verschiedensten Richtungen mit mir und mir scheint, sie steht bei alldem in Verbindung mit der Urquelle unseres Daseins. Dabei agiert sie ganz konkret und situationsspezifisch.

Christine Rauh Channel Medium Coaching Seelen Reading Heilenergie Spirituell

Bildlich möchte ich ihr Wirken so beschreiben:
Wenn ich ein Haus wäre, einfach ausgestattet, mit Möbeln und ein paar notwendigen Lichtquellen, und Christine ist zu mir auf Besuch, so stünden nach ihrem Besuch die großen Fenster offen um Licht hereinzulassen, mir würden gewisse Schnitzereien in den Möbeln, die zuvor schon da waren, zum ersten Mal auffallen und ich würde sie schön finden. Vielleicht wären einige Möbel verrückt. Zudem wären ein paar Räume sichtbar geworden, die ehemals noch unzugänglich waren. Das Haus wäre auf natürliche Weise wärmer und erhellt.
Ich würde beschließen, noch viel öfter Gäste wie sie zu empfangen.

Abschließend lässt sich sagen: Christine kommt und ihr LICHT bleibt.

Constanze 🇮🇹 // Kulturpädagogin
Christine Rauh Channel Medium Coaching Seelen Reading Heilenergie Spirituell

During each of my sessions you precisely identified the critical issues with great sensitivity and intuition, and you do this in an incredibly strengthening way. During last week's session you dropped a sentence that helped me so much in that very moment, and this was a real catalyst for a whole series of boosts in my development in the days and weeks that followed.
You can do that incredibly well - and I see that as one of your strengths - saying the right thing at the right moment and simply hitting the point! I felt absolutely empowered after we had talked and for the first (!!) time in my life I dared to speak up and pronounce certain sentences clearly and distinctly in front of other people. Also other, very subtle remarks you made throughout or work were pathbreaking. Your impulses bring about an enormous transformation to my life and it is like an act of liberation that is happening to me!

Christine Rauh Channel Medium Coaching Seelen Reading Heilenergie Spirituell

You really have an incredible ability and huge intuition for healing processes in general, and also for releasing blockages.
I am really grateful to you for the many impulses you give me and for the incredibly personal support! I can only recommend working with Christine to everyone. It is doing healing work with her in a very pleasant atmosphere and I never felt as if I was being forced to do anything. I am really grateful for all the impulses - including the daily impulses on her Telegram channel.

It's a real gift that you take the time to share and let others participate in your experiences. Thanks so much for this!

Melanie H. 🇩🇪 // Musician
Christine Rauh Channel Medium Coaching Seelen Reading Heilenergie Spirituell

When I first discovered Christine online, she immediately captivated me and I knew I wanted to work with her.

After a detailed, very affectionate orientation talk (I should mention that it was completely free of charge!) it quickly became clear to me that a Soul Reading was the supportive next step for me to take. Since I was only making slow progress in some areas of my life, it seemed sensible to me to question my soul and higher self at this stage of my life.

When I received the Soul Reading from Christine, I was more than positively surprised, not to say, I was simply flabbergasted. Firstly, no single question remained unanswered and secondly, I never expected such a detailed, extremely helpful result. Not only were my life questions answered in great detail, but also several very helpful exercises were being provided that I could do to enhance the connection to myself and so much more.

Christine Rauh Channel Medium Coaching Seelen Reading Heilenergie Spirituell

Due to the great result and the extremely likeable personality of Christine, I decided to book coachings with her in order to delve deeper into my issues and resolve them.
In this context, too, there were ALWAYS great successes. Literally after each single session I could perceive, how much I had moved forward again.
I have a lot of experience with coaches and I have never felt so understood and safe and secure as I do with Christine.

My life has greatly improved since working with Christine. Her professionalism and her pronounced empathy fills me with the deepest gratitude.

Andrea C.U. 🇦🇹 // Investor
Christine Rauh Channel Medium Coaching Seelen Reading Heilenergie Spirituell

Dear Christine 🌸,
Thank you so much for your wonderful Soul Reading and Coaching, as well as for your patience, time, warmth of heart, and support.....💖
In my life, many things were happening and I just felt that it's time for clarity (which I definitely gained through your reading). I am not sure whether I would have figured things out all by myself and without this Soul Reading and whether I would have understood that the original conflict was due to karmic connections. I am also not sure whether I could have handled the issues so well without your support. It was a hard and strenuous time for me and it's still not quite over yet, but I know that it's worth it, since I can now let go of so many infinitely heavy old burdens. And I am quite determined that I don't want to take this crap with me into any next life 😁, and now I have the best chance of solving it. Thank you very much for everything 🙏 dear Christine ❤️

Britta 🇩🇪 // Dental Specialist
Christine Rauh Channel Medium Coaching Seelen Reading Heilenergie Spirituell

Christine is absolutely clear, points at the issues so precisely and literally hits the nail on the head!

It's a thorough joy working together with her and I have made tremendous improvements since and am further developing at lightning speed. She acts like a catalyst. What a joy! 

Caroline C. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 // Translator

Important notice:
A Spiritual Life Coaching can show you new perspectives and possibilities in life and support you in your personal and spiritual development.

Coaching does not substitute for medical advice, medication or a personal visit with a physician, alternative practitioner, psychotherapist or other health expert. In the case of physical illnesses, an organic cause should always be clarified beforehand. Serious psychological problems require psychotherapeutic treatment.