Soul Reading 

- Healing Journey -

A wake-up call for your soul.

This is a distant healing session and available to you wherever you are located in the world.
You will receive an audio recording of the reading that you can listen to at home any time.
I offer Cosmic Energy Healings in both English and German language.

What is a Soul Reading?

My Soul Readings are Healing Journeys where I am blending with your soul and "read" information in your energy field to find out where your lifeโ€™s journey wants to take you. Think of me as an investigator - imagine I am holding a torch in my hand, helping you to bring anything to light that will support you on your life's journey now. I can trace blockades that hold you back from reaching your full potential, figure out what might be your next move to put you on the best path to evolve and develop your full potential and the steps you can take to live lifeโ€™s greatest journey.

If it is in alignment with the plan of your soul, I go into your trauma and open up to your deepest pain representatively for you. In this space, I am unconditionally present with your pain; I allow whatever pain wants to come to the surface and show itself and initiate healing processes. One gift of my own trauma is that I am able to face any form of human suffering and transform it with my heart power. There can be many situations where it is very difficult or even impossible for us to face our own deepest shadows, either because we are still unconscious of them or because we protect ourselves by keeping them suppressed. It may also be that we are currently lacking strength or inner stability, or that we can't pluck up the courage to do so, or simply because it scares us. That is all too understandable and only human! Here is where I come in: if it's for the good of all involved, I walk down the dark corridor for you holding the torch of love in my hands, and face everything that wants to be seen, felt, heard and understood. I dive into the deepest depths of human existence and the shadow world and myself experience all the pain and trauma, while the energies are being transformed through my bodies! This boosts your healing process and your further progression. After completing my journey, I will reappear with my torch and communicate to you all the messages and insights that I have received. From there on, it is your task to continue on the path we have embarked upon.

In a Soul Reading and when blended with your energy field, your soul qualities can be visible to me, talents and gifts you have and might not yet be aware of, emotions, as well as your wishes on a soul level revealing more about your soul's Divine essence - this is the part of you that never dies - and which in return can help you to understand who you really are. I may have access to your Akashic Records where all past, present, and future experiences within this life or past lives is stored ad infinitum. 

With the use of my third eye or inner vision, I can take a look at your overall energy state and your chakras.

When I carry out Soul Readings it may also occur that your Spirit Guides, Ancestors or Light Beings of the Spirit World will pop in to say hello and share a message or two. Soul Readings are meant to be healing for everyone involved.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ Please understand that my energy work can be extremely intense, since I am consciously opening myself to the entire spectrum of life and therefore face all sorts of things, many of which are beyond belief and sometimes downright shake me and temporarily make me cry, or affect me physically or are very uncomfortable since the negative energies are being transformed through my bodies! Working with the shadow world and with trauma takes a lot of energy, which is why I often need a nap shortly after finishing the healing. My healing work requires resilience, a lot of mental and physical power and stability, inner strength, know-how, self-confidence ... and divine energy!

How can a Soul Reading be of service to me?

A Soul Reading is like a wake-up call for your soul. It can let you discover your soul's true purpose and unleash your creativity. It supports you in living a life that reflects your true soul's desire.

In a soul reading, deep trauma can be recognised and transformed. It can also support you to recognise and resolve deeper blockages that are stored in your subconscious mind. Along with the innate wisdom of your soul you can clear blockages and yet unresolved emotional issues, overcome limiting belief patterns and free your own potential. It can support you in moving forward beyond crisis, reduce stress, promote peace of mind. 

A Soul Reading helps you to connect with your Higher Self and see your life's path more clearly. Readings can be a fantastic way to find the guidance you are seeking, connect with your Ancestors and Spirit Guides, and feel guided and loved. 

A Soul Reading involves healing, inspiration and practical advice designed to jump start the process of your soul's transformation by giving you the tools necessary for your journey. 

A reading can also help bring clarity in response to your questions about love, career, potential, healing, relationships, finances, karmic destiny and more, giving you a better understanding of your lifeโ€™s path so that you can make informed decisions for your ideal outcome.

Each Soul Reading Healing Journey is a work of art in itself and follows its own choreography.

A Soul Reading is for you if...

... you are yearning for a deeper understanding of yourself, your purpose and your potential

... you are interested in your soul's mission and potential as expressed through your personality in this lifetime

... you want to resolve trauma
... you are seeking for a solution to a problem
... you feel blocked
... it is difficult for you to distinguish between intuition and mind
... you feel insecure about what to do or which way to go
... you are asking yourself โ€œwho am I really?โ€

... you want to create the life you long to live and live the life of your dreams (yes, this is possible! :-)
... you feel a calling to do a Soul Reading and have no idea why this might be so :-) 

Questions you could be asking for your Soul Reading

I do not necessarily need any questions from you in order to do a Soul Reading.
However, I recommend integrating up to 3 life questions that you would like to ask your soul,
since it will positively support your Reading.

Who am I on a soul level?
What are my gifts and talents?

What are my special soul qualities?
What is my life purpose?
What is blocking me to living a life of purpose?

What brings me closer to fulfilling my dreams?
What can I do to bring more financial abundance into my life?

What are my current soul lessons and how can I overcome these challenges?

Why am I feeling so weak, tired and exhausted?

What can I do to find more fulfillment in life?

What are the wishes of my soul?

What do you, dear soul, wish to convey to me at this stage of my life?

What connects me with my partner on a soul level?

How do I book a Soul Reading - Healing Journey?


Once you have successfully completed the booking process below, you will receive an email from me with a questionnaire asking you for your date of birth, if relevant, up to 3 questions that you would like to ask your soul, and a recent portrait picture of you where I can see your eyes clearly (e.g. a quick photo using your smartphone is perfectly adequate), as I connect with you on a soul level in advance. I will do an audio recording of your Soul Reading and send the recording to you via email (WeTransfer) or Telegram immediately after I have channeled for you.

During my audio recording I will convey to you every detail I perceive and pass on all the messages I receive. It will enable you to dive deep in your experience when listening to the audio recording afterwards which you will be able to do so and work with any time and as often as you wish. 


A soul reading is there to support you in your personal development and provides you with messages out of the Consciousness of Oneness. Many clients wish for a coaching session following their Soul Reading to integrate their new insights into their life. 

This Spiritual Life Coaching will give you further clarity on the realisation of what you want to establish in your life. What I do is to help you open up to the "how I can do it", "where I can do it", "if I can do it" and help yourself do the healing aspects so that you can create exactly what you want to develop in your life now. 

In my work with clients, I draw on nine main sources of expertise, theory, and experience: Transactional Analysis (TA), Shadow Work, Method of Self-Contact, Energetic Therapeutic Work, Mediumship, Cosmic Energy Healing, Healing Power of Music, Meditation Practise, and my own Life Experience. I am not rigid in any approach. I use what I think might be useful for you, and then ask for feedback, to see what is helpful for you.

Your Soul Reading forms the basis of our work and we will figure out which precise steps you can take now. I take my work very seriously and focus on giving you the attention you deserve. After our first meeting you decide if you wish for more appointments. 

Should you want to decide on whether you would like a coaching after having listened to the audio recording of your Soul Reading you can also choose to book your coaching as an add-on at a later date. Please select the corresponding offer below.

Once you have successfully completed the booking process below, you will receive an email from me with a questionnaire asking you for your date of birth, if relevant, up to 3 questions that you would like to ask your soul, and recent portrait picture of you where I can see your eyes clearly (e.g. a quick photo using your smartphone is perfectly adequate), as I connect with you on a soul level in advance. I will do an audio recording of your Soul Reading and send the recording to you via email (WeTransfer) or Telegram immediately after I have channeled for you.

Take the time you need to listen to your Soul Reading and then get back to me when you feel ready for your Spiritual Life Coaching. Please select a suitable date for you in my online calendar using the following link:

As soon as you have booked an appointment I will get back to you and you will receive an email with a Zoom link to your meeting. This is your personal link for all your coaching sessions with me. Each time you book a coaching with me, we will meet via this link. Therefore, please make sure to save it and ensure that it is easily accessible for you.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ Please note: If you have already received a Zoom link from me, you will not receive a further email.

I offer coachings in both English and German language.

Both the reading as well as our conversations are confidential.

Any questions?

In case you are unsure which of my offers best suits your needs, you are very welcome to schedule a free call with me.
Looking forward to talk to you! 

Please Choose your offer




Simple, personal and just for you

  • You can ask up to 3 life questions (optional)
  • Total duration: 4 hours including pre- and post-processing
  • Channeling recording: approx. 90-120 mins.
  • including audio recording of the channeling (English or German language)
  • Payment: prepayment
  • My terms and conditions apply




Personal and even more effective

  • You can ask up to 3 life questions (optional)
  • Total duration: 4 hours including pre- and post-processing
  • Channeling recording: approx. 90-120 mins.
  • including audio recording of the channeling (English or German language)
  • Personal Coaching via Zoom: 50 mins. (English or German language)
  • Payment: prepayment
  • My terms and conditions apply




Going even further

  • Personal Coaching via Zoom: 50 mins. (English or German language)
  • Payment: prepayment
  • My terms and conditions apply


A Soul Reading - Healing Journey can be a wonderful gift for loved ones.

I therefore also issue vouchers on request. In this case, please send a message using the contact form or write an e-mail to support@cr-coaching.comThank you very much! 


What they say

Seelen Reading Christine Rauh


Dear Christine, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this detailed and meaningful Soul Reading. I am still quite speechless and need time to grasp the enormous density of information.

For me, your uniqueness lies in your warm, loving, accepting and understanding nature; your openness, your readiness to receive, your non-judgmental and non-evaluating way of going about things, in depth and to the point.
Thank you for all the valuable tools you gave me throughout the Soul Reading which was hence complemented by qualified coaching. 

Thank you for going into each topic in such detail and for leading me through each single topic in a way that I am now fully aware of them and know how I can go about them in life. You don't remain on the surface of things, you dive deep, go to the bottom of things and give practical advice. Your perception is clear, unadulterated, without any interpretation - and therefore so infinitely valuable. THANK YOU! Greetings from my heart,

Sabine ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช // Commercial Clerk
Seelen Reading Christine Rauh


Dear Christine, Your Soul Reading led me back to my self, it helped me connect with my feelings and with who I really am, beyond my thoughts. It showed me where I stand now and where life wants to take me. I now find courage and trust in me, making it possible for me to take the necessary steps towards change. Your soulful and warm nature creates an atmosphere of trust and appreciation which I can dive into again and again to find new strength for the next step. For me, change also entails to be able to let go of things and situations without knowing what will come next. Without the Soul Reading I would never have dared to do that! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this journey full of magic. 

Elfriede ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡น // Clerk 
Seelen Reading Christine Rauh


I happened to listen to a very clear message about the current quality of time on YouTube and that's how I became aware of Christine Rauh. After scheduling a free call with her and following our very personal conversation, I booked a Soul Reading as I want my life to change holistically, i.e. with my heart & my soul!
The Soul Reading was accompanied by great empathy - one could even call it devotion - with the attempt to perceive the messages of my soul very deeply and to convey them to me with great sensitivity in language and great intuition! Thank you very much for that!

Inana ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช // Entrepreneur
Seelen Reading Christine Rauh


I have met many people who do channelings and I have also channeled myself. I feel both taken very seriously by Christine and also being treated with care and love. What Christine channels and says is real. I deeply feel the messages and everything Christine says, and the Soul Reading was of great support and precisely what I needed. I thank Christine very much for that.

Grazia S. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น // Language Teacher
Seelen Reading Christine Rauh


When I first discovered Christine online, she immediately captivated me and I knew I wanted to work with her.

After a detailed, very affectionate orientation talk (I should mention that it was completely free of charge!) it quickly became clear to me that a Soul Reading was the supportive next step for me to take. Since I was only making slow progress in some areas of my life, it seemed sensible to me to question my soul and higher self at this stage of my life. 

When I received the Soul Reading from Christine, I was more than positively surprised, not to say, I was simply flabbergasted. Firstly, no single question remained unanswered and secondly, I never expected such a detailed, extremely helpful result. Not only were my life questions answered in great detail, but also several very helpful exercises were being provided that I could do to enhance the connection to myself and so much more.

Due to the great result and the extremely likeable personality of Christine, I decided to book coachings with her in order to delve deeper into my issues and resolve them.
In this context, too, there were ALWAYS great successes. Literally after each single session I could perceive, how much I had moved forward again. 
I have a lot of experience with coaches and I have never felt so understood and safe and secure as I do with Christine.

My life has greatly improved since working with Christine. Her professionalism and her pronounced empathy fills me with the deepest gratitude.

Andrea C.U. ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡น // Investor
Seelen Reading Christine Rauh


Dear Christine, Your Soul Reading was a 1:1 translation of my life and clearly showed how I'm doing right now. My inner constraints and โ€˜imprisonmentโ€™ showed to me that Iโ€™m not quite living my soul purpose. I came into contact with narcissism, which in turn drained me and sucked my life energy and cost me a lot of strength. Additionally, my third eye was too open which made it possible for external energies to access my system and drain away my life force. I was completely caught in this cycle and after your Soul Reading I started out and began walking my path again. I have also started to consciously protect myself from negative energies and anything toxic. I've also become a lot more understanding towards myself and recognise and appreciate my own processes knowing that it is important to go through them. As a result, I am now much better in pursuing my own work in accompanying people on their life path.

After the Reading, I was able to come into alignment with myself, find my way in going about things, and stay centered.

Dear Christine, your Soul Reading truly freed me from a lot of my rigidity. Many thanks to you and to the Spirit World. And thank you very much for your very pleasant, calm voice and your loving, humorous way of channeling.

Gรผnter Z. ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡น // Masseur & Energy Practitioner
Seelen Reading Christine Rauh


Dear Christine ๐ŸŒธ,
Thank you so much for your wonderful Soul Reading and Coaching, as well as for your patience, time, warmth of heart, and support.....๐Ÿ’–
In my life, many things were happening and I just felt that it's time for clarity (which I definitely gained through your reading). I am not sure whether I would have figured things out all by myself and without this Soul Reading and whether I would have understood that the original conflict was due to karmic connections. I am also not sure whether I could have handled the issues so well without your support. It was a hard and strenuous time for me and it's still not quite over yet, but I know that it's worth it, since I can now let go of so many infinitely heavy old burdens. And I am quite determined that I don't want to take this crap with me into any next life ๐Ÿ˜, and now I have the best chance of solving it. Thank you very much for everything ๐Ÿ™ dear Christine โค๏ธ

Britta ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช // Dental Specialist
Seelen Reading Christine Rauh


Dear Christine,
After listening to the Soul Reading for the first time I was at a loss for words and needed time to let all the information settle. Wow, that was a lot! The Reading was long and intense and I perceived a strong flow of energy. You mentioned various situations and topics that I had experienced during my childhood exactly the way you described them. Many events from the past that I had almost forgotten came to light. I received both sad and happy messages from my soul, which filled me with joy and courage and gave me new perspectives in regards to my future.
During the Soul Reading I felt absolutely safe, secure, protected and trustingly cared for by you - with mindfulness and love.
Thanking you and the spiritual world for all the support. Heartfelt greetings, Jens

Jens F. ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช // Civil Engineer

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Important notice:
A Soul Reading and Coaching can show you new perspectives and possibilities in life and support you in your personal and spiritual development.

Both reading and coaching do not substitute for medical advice, medication or a personal visit with a physician, alternative practitioner, psychotherapist or other health expert. In the case of physical illnesses, an organic cause should always be clarified beforehand. Serious psychological problems require psychotherapeutic treatment.