About Christine

Christine Luise Rauh "SERVINIA" (spiritual name meaning "The Loving One", "The Glowing One") is an internationally performing Musician, Moderator, Spiritual and Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach for Holistic Self-Knowledge and unconditionally loving Believer in People who accompanies and supports clients with her warm and loving hands for a joyful, heart-centred, meaningful and empowered life here on earth. “I see that this worldwide shift happening now offers each of us and humanity the unique opportunity towards living a life of true connection and love.”

What a cherish, what feeling of deep joy and satisfaction in me when I perceive growth. That deeply rooted love in me is the main force in my life. 

Christine’s extrasensory perception developed from an early age leading her to remember her birth and experience meaningful near-death experiences at a young age. 

Her deepest intention is to accompany people on their path of awareness into the state of experiencing unconditional love. This path implies naturally recurring processes of dying and rebirth which Christine supports holding the space with the presence of all her heart enabling people to let go and dive into a transformation process. Due to her ability to see creation through the eyes of love, with her presence, Christine enables and allows people to have the deepest experience there is for the mind: the state of being yourself and of coming home. In her presence people can let go of their need to perform. They can simply be themselves and people can show their insecurities and relax with their fears. 

“I am thankful for the abuse and suffering I experienced. It gave reason to understand life as a research assignment. So I followed my path of awareness generating tools from music, nature, energy work and meditation practice that would support me and are substantial components of my work today. Without my experiences of severe childhood abuse I would have no real grasp on the reality of human suffering or how to heal it and I would have only had half of the picture of human existence. The gift of my own suffering is that I now have the full picture and can thus let myself fall into the power of unconditional love.” 

There are child parts in people, or other parts, that are vulnerable. In sharing them with people Christine holds up a mirror for them and they can see themselves in her mirror. It is like people can be seeing themselves in her and she can be seeing herself in people. It is meeting in this incredible space that gives people the impact of “I am not alone” as they recognize things in themselves. And by staying in contact with each other in this setting - with both being equally present in the room -, Christine achieves deep and true intimacy.  

Christine is not recommended for those who simply want to feel good. She is recommended for those who want the truth even if the truth hurts. It is following the path of self-inquiry and consciousness investigating the inner and outer experiences of life. It is making a learning process a love process as Christine follows each note in people’s songs and responds to them whilst they feel her hand on their back. 

In Christine’s presence there is ease as she loves inviting a pinch of humour into any challenging process which allows people to relax and develop: it is to laugh and at the same time be deeply touched whilst transforming emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

Understanding that all our experiences serve our own spiritual development Christine teachings involve recognizing the divine order in any occurrence or circumstance here on earth. It is an element of true devotion to life; not leading your life but allowing to be guided by your life, and, at the same time, recognizing yourself as the creator that you are. 

“I like to share what I have found within myself: the state of deepest bliss and deepest inner peace.”

Christine understands herself as citizen of the cosmos and lives an inspired life as a digital nomad close to nature. She has traveled to over 40 countries and experiences LIFE from many different perspectives of human existence.

Nominated by the German Federal Government as one of the 

'Top 100 Women Of Tomorrow Shaping the World’s Future with Their Ideas'

Supported by

 The Cultural Foundation of Hesse, Germany

  • Certified Spiritual Medium (with utmost thanks and gratitude towards my two most wonderful trainers, Nicole Frost and Ralf Hungerland www.medium-geistige-welt.com)
  • Trained Coach for Holistic Self-Knowledge
  • Energetic Therapeutic Work
  • Internationally recognized Concert Cellist (www.christine-rauh.com)
  • Moderator (klassik.tv, SouthWestRadio, radio 98eins, Luxembourg Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic, Classic Festivals, ...)
  • 30 years stage experience (Europe, Central America, Asia)
  • Radio and TV broadcasts (SWR, BBC, ARD, RTL, dRadio, BR, WDR, ...)
  • Children’s Concerts, as well as Workshops, Master Classes and Mentorings for Children
  • known as the Go To Expert with over 20 years experience in mentoring, educating and coaching young gifted children (healing power of music, bioenergetics, energy work, meditation practices)

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