About Christine

Christine Luise Rauh "SERVINIA" (spiritual name meaning "The Loving One", "The Glowing One"), born under the sign of Pisces, is an internationally performing Musician, Moderator, Spiritual and Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer and unconditionally loving Believer in People who accompanies and supports truth seekers around the world with her warm and loving hands for a joyful, heart-centred, meaningful and empowered life here on earth. “I see that this worldwide shift happening now offers each of us and humanity the unique opportunity towards living a life of true connection and love.”

Everything we see, perceive and experience here on earth is an expression of life, which in itself is an expression of the divine. Life itself is formless and therefore can come in many colours, shapes or forms. When we learn to embrace this, we begin to honour life, to open ourselves to life, to allow life and to recognise the divine in every form of life's manifestation here on earth.

"I love creating and have many interests and multiple passions I act upon, for instance drawing, painting, craftwork, photography, soldering, programming, riding racing cars, Geology and so many more. I didn't stay in one place or one profession or even one industry. I don’t plan my life, but trust life and have faith for myself and respond to anything that lights me up and excites me. That's where I draw my energy from as I watch life unfold beautifully in its own natural timing."

Life on stage.

From an early age, Christine felt at home on stage; she loved performing and turned to studying ballet for five years. She also remembers dressing up and entertaining people with little dramatic sketches, giving her the opportunity to express many more of her varied talents, another of which was music. Also here, she acted out her passion for creative experimentation and picked everything up by ear. And this is how she began to play the cello – at first she improvised on the instrument, then she decided to take classical music lessons. These quickly put her on the path to success and led to a career as an internationally recognised and multiple award-winning musician where she happily and playfully broke the barriers of the accepted norms, even in her performance style, sharing her infectious enthusiasm with her audiences. Her activities as a presenter rounded off her work.

Work with children. 

For more than 20 years, Christine is firmly committed to the needs of the world's children who are growing up in a world that is emotionally unsafe and disconnected. This makes our children not only feel unsafe, unloved, and unprotected but leads to severe trauma and suffering where children disconnect from themselves and are no longer able to recognise or satisfy their true inner needs, rendering them powerless, lose their joy of discovery and natural desire to learn. 

Recognising the enormous healing power of music, which helped Christine to survive and heal her own traumas, she dedicates herself to working with children in various musical settings where she supports them in growing into strong, self-aware, confident, powerful personalities who trust life. 

Spiritual development. 

Through life itself, but also through music, which is closely intertwined with physics, neuroscience and psychology, Christine explored the inner and outer experiences of life, which offered her a profound platform for self-discovery, self-knowledge and healing.

Christine's extrasensory perception developed from an early age. She carries memories of her own birth and remembers accessing other dimensions and communicating with other realms as being a natural part of her childhood life, followed by her first meaningful near-death experience at age 15. 

Work as a Spiritual & Psychic Medium and Spiritual Life Coach.

Christine's deepest intention is to accompany people on their path of awareness enabling them to rediscover their inner vitality, aliveness and joy that make up the essence of our being. This goes hand in hand with our willingness to feel and will make us fall in love with life. Her goal is further to support people to create healthy, warm, safe, secure and trustful relationships with themselves and with others and live in the fullness of humanity which enables us to rediscover ourselves as part of an ecosystem and live in each other's best interests. 
Many of us struggle with life and resist life as a consequence of unresolved trauma that prevents us from truly arriving here on earth and connect with our emotions, values and needs. As a result, we are not fully committed to life, rather we live life with one foot in and one foot out. Experiencing deepest bliss and true connection results from the ability of being able to settle into our bodies, and fully embrace and engage with life. Every human being is an expression of the divine that wants to be lived through us as human beings on this earth. 

Each path of awareness naturally implies recurring processes of dying and rebirth - shedding the old and outdated and reemerging in a new form - which Christine supports by holding the space with the presence of all her heart enabling people to let go and immerse themselves in a transformational process. Due to her ability to see creation through the eyes of love, with her presence, Christine enables and allows people to have the deepest experience there is for the mind: the state of being yourself and coming home. In her presence, people can let go of their need to perform. They can simply be themselves and people can show their insecurities and relax with their fears.

“I am a living kaleidoscope in shimmering colours! My willingness to let myself be broken open by my deep traumas and to open myself up to life, as well as my irrepressible curiosity and power led me to bring about frequent radical changes to my life and to give it many unexpected turns. When I realise that I have learnt my lesson and a new element in me wants to be brought to life, I change the course of my life accordingly, within a few days even, if necessary. I face the truth and am very consistent in my decisions and subsequent actions, since I want to get to the bottom of things and I am therefore not willing to delude myself out of fear or mere convenience which would keep me in an illusionary bubble reality and prevent my development. I strive for inner transformation, not just change and once I have gained awareness there is no turning back. In everything that I do, it is my highest aspiration to follow the path of love. I faced life's trials numerous times whereas life kept asking me: “Are you willing to follow the path of love even now?”, and again and again I consented, no matter what it entailed on the physical plane, I spared no effort - at times the path of love and healing, involved going to extremes or traversing a whole range of painful planes.

Due to my attitude towards life, how I tackle life and how I engage in life, I have lived life in diverse and very contrasting settings which led me to experience life from a wide variety of perspectives and to explore it from many sides. In my life, I have been at one pole and the other, and can therefore draw on a wide range of personal experiences today. I therefore serve as a mirror for people and they can find themselves in me. It's not just that I've been to a variety of countries around the world, or that I know living circumstances without shelter as well as overnight stays in castles and luxury hotels, it's not just that I have carried out a range of many different and contrasting types of professions - from being a celebrated artist through office work in marketing management to working in the fields and much more - it’s also that I have traversed and survived a wide spectrum of deep human suffering and abuse from childhood myself. All of this has enabled me to gain an understanding of the vast spectrum of life, of human existence, and of human suffering. I have experienced everything I am talking about.” 

There are child parts in people, or other parts, that are vulnerable. In sharing them with people Christine holds up a mirror for them and they can see themselves in her mirror. It is like people can be seeing themselves in her and she can be seeing herself in people. It is meeting in this incredible space that gives people the impact of “I am not alone” as they recognise things in themselves. And by staying connected with each other in this setting - with both being equally present in the room -, Christine achieves deep and true intimacy.  

Christine's approach tackles things at source to achieve long-term improvement. She follows the path of self-enquiry and self-awareness, examining life's inner and outer experiences and turning a learning process into a love process as she follows each note in people’s songs and responds to them while they feel her hand on their back. 

In Christine’s presence there is ease as she loves inviting a pinch of humour into any challenging process which allows people to relax and develop: it is to laugh and at the same time be deeply touched whilst transforming physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain.

Based on the understanding that all of our experiences serve our own spiritual development, Christine's teachings also include recognising the divine order in every occurrence or circumstance here on earth. There is an element of true devotion to life in not leading your life but letting your life guide you while recognising yourself as the creator that you are. 

“I like to share what I have found within myself: the state of deepest bliss, inner peace and of falling in love with life.”

Christine understands herself as citizen of the cosmos and lives an inspired life as a digital nomad close to nature. She has traveled to over 40 countries and keeps experiencing LIFE from many different perspectives of human existence.

Nominated by the German Federal Government as one of the 

'Top 100 Women Of Tomorrow Shaping the World’s Future with Their Ideas'

Supported by

 The Cultural Foundation of Hesse, Germany

  • Certified Spiritual & Psychic Medium (with utmost thanks and gratitude towards my two most wonderful trainers, Nicole Frost and Ralf Hungerland www.nirasoul.com)
  • Trained Coach for Holistic Self-Knowledge
  • Energetic Therapeutic Work
  • Internationally recognized Concert Cellist (www.christine-rauh.com)
  • Moderator (klassik.tv, SouthWestRadio, radio 98eins, Luxembourg Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic, Classic Festivals, ...)
  • 30 years stage experience (Europe, Central America, Asia)
  • Radio and TV broadcasts (SWR, BBC, ARD, RTL, dRadio, BR, WDR, ...)
  • Children’s Concerts, as well as Workshops, Master Classes and Mentorings for Children
  • known as the Go To Expert with over 20 years experience in mentoring, educating and coaching young gifted children (healing power of music, bioenergetics, energy work, meditation practices)

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